Loans at reasonable prices

In our compilation, we analyze $ 1,000,000 of personal loans that can be used for any purpose.

We have chosen a term of 36 months so that the monthly repayment will not be too heavy and we will not have to commit ourselves for longer. We have collected personal loan offers that do not require a higher net income of around $ 250,000.

Interest discount with online registration

Personal Payday Loan, the bank gives you a 1% discount on your online coupon. In case of applying for a loan, OTP guarantees that the amount of the loan will be transferred to the bank account within one hour after the conclusion of the contract.

If this commitment is not met by the bank and we advise them, you may receive a Tesco voucher worth $ 10,000 in compensation. The loan repayment installment is fixed at HUF 35,648, so the total repayment amount will be HUF 1,283,319, the APR is 18.35%.

Loans that can be taken without a transfer of income

Loans that can be taken without a transfer of income

Some banks lend at a more favorable rate if we transfer our income there. However, it may not be worthwhile to accept such a condition, as switching banks will bring some extra macera, even though it is easier today than it was a few years ago. First, let’s see what offers we have if we don’t transfer our income to the personal loan bank.

Smile Personal Loan is the best offer on the market today . This credit, as its name implies, can bring a real satisfied smile to our face as there is no income transfer condition or minimum income. The bank is now refunding the interest on the installment payment due on the due date. The repayment installment of the loan is fixed at HUF 32,262, so the total amount to be repaid is HUF 1,187,110, the APR is 13.01%.

To apply for the Goodbank Bank Special Now Personal Loan, you must have a net income of at least HUF 170,000. This way we can get a favorable loan with a fixed repayment of HUF 33,454. The total repayment amount will be HUF 1,221,531 with a APR of

If we make a transfer of income

If we make a transfer of income

While applying for the Advance Personal Loan is not conditional on your monthly income coming to Bank, you will receive an interest discount of 6% on depositing at least HUF 100,000 net income into your account.

If you transfer your payment to the bank, you will have to pay back a total of $ 1,215,939 with a fixed installment of $ 33,776 and a APR of 13.99%.

So you can choose from a variety of credit options and make a well-informed decision, which will benefit from our personal loan comparison calculator.

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