What kind of fast loans exist?

Forms of fast loans

Fast micro loan

Fast micro loan

You will undoubtedly have seen several advertisement on television about this kind of financial product. Since there are several companies that have specialized in microcredit. With this type of loans you are able to access financing in less than a quarter-hour. The amounts do not generally exceed € 1, 500 and the return takes place in your sleep. As for interests, they are usually higher. According to the Bank in Spain they often oscillate around 1 . 1% per day. For this reason it is an economic option that should not be mistreated. All financial credit establishments that offer this product operate with the internet to achieve greater speed when offering money.

Today the competition in this particular sector is so tough there are more and more offers to catch the attention of new customers. There are, for example , businesses that extend the come back terms up to 60 days. Other people prefer to offer the first interest-free loan for new clients.

Fast credits

Fast credits

It is a financial product by which we can obtain some more funds. In general, the amount ranges through € 1, 000 in order to € 5, 000 as well as the concession is also almost instant.

By providing somewhat higher amounts of cash the return period can also be extended. The normal thing is the fact that this goes from three or more to 36 months. Interest can be somewhat more restrained: regarding 3. 35% per month.

You can apply for these kinds of loans to private equity businesses as well as your lifelong bank. Usually the former are much faster plus require fewer complications to get capital.

These kinds of credits are an interesting alternate when we face economic contingencies whose spending is considerably high. For example , change the appliances for the kitchen or renovate the bathroom..

Personal loans

Personal loans

Unsecured loans are a good alternative to financing large-scale projects. They can be required in private equity companies or even in banks, the former getting more agile.

The capital range is in between € 3, 000 plus € 50, 000 plus interest amounts to around 8. 9% APR. The particular fees are monthly as well as the return period goes through year to 10.

Home equity financial loans

Home equity loans

With this type of credit score we can get unlimited funds. In Creditmash we have been experts. In order to apply for these types of loans, it is necessary to own a house free of mortgage charges plus subject to sale.

This property will become the particular guarantee of our loan plus mark the money that the business that manages it can provide us. In our case all of us work with figures ranging from € 6, 000 to an optimum equivalent to 25% of the their market value of the property.

The repayment term stretches from 10 to ten years and interest is computed in a personalized way depending on different factors. For example:

  • The value of the property
  • The requested quantity
  • The risk of the particular operation

In less than 72 hours in the signing of the contract, the cash is deposited into the customer’s checking account.

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