Arrest of a suspect involved in the explosion of May 16 at the Boulton market

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Sindh Police said on Saturday it had arrested a suspect involved in the Kharadar bombing in May.

According to the CTD, the suspect, identified as Sheraz Ahmed, was a member of a reinforcement team from a Sindhi nationalist group, the Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA), responsible for the Kharadar explosion.

The man was arrested during a raid on Hub River Road. The CTD also claimed to have seized weapons and explosives in its possession.

Investigators were able to find and arrest him thanks to information provided by his companion, Dildar Ali, a police officer arrested in June by the CTD for his involvement in the Kharadar explosion on May 16, during which a woman were killed and 12 others, including three police officers, were injured.

The primary target of the blast was a mobile police van driving down a street in Boulton Market in Kharadar where an improvised explosive device (IED) had been attached to a parked motorbike.

Ali was employed with the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) of the Sindh Police. It turned out that he was a member of the SRA. He was also allegedly involved in money laundering.

The woman who was killed in the blast has been identified as Sania, 30, a mother of four. She was a homeworker who decorated dupattas in her home and sold them in markets.

She had gone to the market to buy clothes and the blast happened when her son stopped a rickshaw on his way home from the market. When the rickshaw stopped, it caused a traffic jam on the street and the police vehicle started honking to tell the rickshaw driver to park the vehicle to the side.

The blast at Boulton Market came four days after a similar IED blast in the Saddar area left one teenager dead and nine injured. During this explosion, terrorists planted an IED on a bicycle parked on Daudpota Road. The device exploded when a coastguard vehicle approached the bicycle.

Both terrorist attacks took place within a month of the suicide bombing at the University of Karachi (KU) on April 26, in which three Chinese teachers and a Pakistani van driver lost their lives and four others, including two Rangers officials and a Chinese tutor. , have been hurt.

The suicide bombing was carried out by a woman, Shari Baloch, from the Majeed Brigade of the Baloch Liberation Army. She blew herself up outside the KU Confucius Institute when a van carrying Chinese teachers approached her.

Valerie J. Wallis