Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates joins Curio Private Wealth as part of a merger

Bluespring Wealth Partners LLC on Monday announced the partnership of Chevy Chase-based Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates, a Bluespring company since 2015, with Curo Private Wealth.

Bluespring Wealth Partners, a subsidiary of Kestra Holdings, established this partnership working with Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates and recently acquired Curo Private Wealth to merge the two companies under the Curo Private Wealth brand.

Curo Private Wealth Reimagined is led by Managing Director and Partner Anne McCabe, Managing Director and Partner Anne Marie Laboe, Principal of Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates since May 2021, and Atricia Roberts, Chief Operating Officer and Financial Advisor.

Founded in 1981, Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates is an established wealth management firm with a solid reputation, longstanding relationships and considerable depth of capability. Founder Bernard Wolfe chose Laboe as his successor.

Curo Private Wealth is a dynamic company with a unique aptitude for serving clients, led by an energetic and highly experienced founder, McCabe.

The companies’ decision to merge was driven by their shared partnership with Bluespring Wealth Partners. Together, the three firms considered the opportunity to combine the two to achieve a common goal of greater client impact. By teaming up, both teams can tap into a deeper pool of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Leveraging a deeper group of financial experts, Curo Private Wealth now benefits from the expanded capabilities of the combined companies to serve multiple generations of clients, which will meet a diverse and evolving set of needs and drive the next phase of growth and success of the company.

The Curo Private Wealth merger illustrates Bluespring Wealth’s continued commitment to supporting the growth and elevation of its partner companies. Curo is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading financial advisory firms, a reputation that will only be enhanced by its merger with Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates.

Valerie J. Wallis