Cops told to show results, not just make claims

Sindh’s top cop Ghulam Nabi Memon told senior police officers to show results-oriented performance, not allegations, and work hard to catch the criminals involved in injuring and killing citizens during incidents of aggression.

Chairing a meeting on Tuesday evening on the rising crime graph in the province, particularly in Karachi, the Inspector General of Police ordered that steps be taken to ensure police personnel use body cameras while on duty , officials said Wednesday.

He told the meeting, which was attended by Additional IG Jawed Alam Odho of Karachi, DIGs, SSPs and other officers, that the protection of life and property of citizens must be ensured at all levels.

Reviewing the current law and order situation and the police strategy for crime prevention, Memon ordered that a patrol plan be prepared at the area and district levels, under which the patrols, pickets and instant checks should be made infallible. In addition, he said, police deployment should be ensured at important locations.

Overall investigative measures should be strengthened and improved significantly, while weapons found on suspects should be regularly probed for the means of their arrival in the city and the means of delivery to criminals. Officials said the IGP had reservations about the progress of investigative policing and pointed out that if they were working so effectively, then how did criminals receive benefits, how did they get bail and why there was a low conviction rate.

He ordered the heads of investigation to thoroughly review the investigation process and resolve the cases with effective investigations so that the criminals cannot be advantaged and convicted. Also he asked the DIGs that the footage is available and over the past few months many citizens have been shot while resisting with the dacoits, he stresses that their main objective is to stop such incidents and to arrest those outlaws who have been involved in such crimes. and should take the help of the available images and take action against them.

IGP Memon ordered DIGs in the range to carry out an organized and coordinated crackdown on robbery suspects, thieves and drug traffickers under a concrete and effective policy at the district and police station levels, and in this regard, the district investigation SSPs should be responsible not only for monitoring the crackdown but also for taking all concrete and effective investigative measures against the arrested suspects. In addition, all necessary legal actions to register the false cases and all possible measures should be taken, he said.

The Provincial Police Chief gave instructions that the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) was coming, while international cricket matches were also expected in Karachi, so full security and traffic plans should be arranged as soon as possible.

During a briefing given to the IGP on the use of body cameras in service and improving policing in the field, the meeting was informed that out of the existing body cameras, 464 are with traffic police , 328 cameras are with Karachi Police while one is at the disposal of the CTD.

Karachi Additional IG Odho told the meeting that a Shaheen force of officers on motorbikes has been formed to fight crime in the city, which will soon be visible. The meeting was also briefed on the plan and strategy for effective public order control.

Valerie J. Wallis