CTD lasso six terrorists into IBOs across Punjab

LAHORE – The Punjab Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) conducted 29 large intelligence-based operations (IBOs) across the province to avert any untoward incidents, given the recent wave of terrorism across the country, in particular the murder of police officers. Spokesmen for the Punjab’s CTD said on Monday that 30 suspects had been questioned during the IBOs, six of whom had been arrested. Among those arrested by police were Sagheer Hussain Shah and Abdul Jabbar, and they were from the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group. Police arrested them both in Okara and they also recovered explosives such as improvised explosive devices, two grenades, a two-foot prima rope, an electric detonator, a 30 caliber pistol, 10 bullets, money worth Rs 5,110 and a motorbike. During another IBO, a suspect named Sufyan Waheed, belonging to Al-Qaida, was arrested in Gujrat while distributing banned books to people and advertising his organization with stickers.

Explosives such as grenades, improvised explosive devices, etc. recovered from them

The CTD recovered two banned books, 15 Al-Qaida stickers, a cell phone, money worth Rs 2,450 and a CNIC. Another suspect Hidayatullah from the banned TTP was also arrested in Khushab for advertising his organization through brochures and stickers. The police recovered 59 stickers, 22 brochures and money worth 10,000 rupees.

Two suspects, namely Nishan Ali and Syed Jaffir Hussain, belonging to the banned group Tehreek-e-Jaferia Pakistan (TJP), were arrested in Jhang for sharing hateful messages on social media. Police recovered two cell phones, money amounting to Rs 3,710 and a copy from CNIC.

The spokesperson said that the Punjab CTD was actively pursuing its goal of securing Punjab, adding that it would spare no effort to bring terrorists and anti-state elements behind bars.

Valerie J. Wallis