Families of missing Baloch continue sit-in despite heavy rain – Balochwarna News

QUETTA: Thirty-one days ago, around 50 family members of the forcibly disappeared Baloch launched a protest sit-in in the “red zone” of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan.

The peaceful protest sit-in was set up shortly after the Ziarat massacre, where Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) shot dead at least nine previously missing Baloch men in cold blood and alleged that the men had been killed during a “rescue operation”.

Family members of the victims of the Ziarat massacre presented evidence showing that the men had been abducted months before their murder and were being held by Pakistani forces.

Protesters are calling for an impartial investigation into the Ziarat massacre and the recovery of Balochistan’s missing persons.

They have been sitting in bad weather for a month. It has been raining all day today and it is likely to continue raining, due to which the participants of the protest sit-in faced serious difficulties.

Despite the demonstration in the “red zone” and in front of the governor’s house, the Pakistani media and local authorities remained totally silent in the face of the agitation of the Baloch families of the missing persons.

The family members say they have not been contacted by government officials, that there has been no progress on their claims and that Pakistani forces continue to disappear more and more people from the Balochistan.

Protesting family members say that if the provincial government and higher authorities have been irresponsible and they have not been heard and believed, then the next steps in their protest will be more difficult.

“We gave the government a lot of time and waited patiently, but it seems the government is not serious about our demands and despite producing previously missing people, they are making more people disappear.”

Valerie J. Wallis