Quinbrook acquires Habitat Energy

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Quinbrook Adopts AI and Machine Learning to Optimize Renewable Energy and Storage

UK battery storage optimization specialist gears up for rapid growth under Quinbrook sponsorship

LONDON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners (“Quinbrook”), a specialist global investment manager focused exclusively on renewable energy, storage and grid support infrastructure, today announced the acquisition Habitat Energy Limited, an optimization and trading platform company for grid-scale battery storage.

The Habitat Energy team is based in Oxford, UK, and includes data scientists, software engineers, battery storage experts and energy trade professionals. Habitat has developed and utilizes advanced machine learning and algorithmic capabilities to optimize the strategic and financial value of battery storage assets within deregulated electricity markets, both stand-alone and co-located with renewable energy. Habitat has established itself as one of the most successful platforms among players in the UK market by focusing on optimizing flexible production and storage. Habitat has been ranked by independent market analysts as one of the top optimizers1 in the UK battery storage industry.

Quinbrook plans to help Habitat further develop its technology suite and advanced machine learning capabilities, continuing Habitat’s expansion into Australia and the United States, where the focus will initially be on the ERCOT market in Texas, followed by other US ISOs shortly thereafter. Habitat will be deployed to optimize battery storage assets within the Quinbrook portfolio, while continuing to independently offer its services to new and existing customers around the world.

The acquisition of Habitat is expected to significantly strengthen Quinbrook’s flexible energy and storage solutions capabilities and strongly complements Quinbrook’s existing Flexitricity and Velox Power platforms in the UK, specializing in demand response, l optimization of the electricity grid and peak reserve capacity for National Grid. The impending completion of the Rassau synchronous condenser in Wales will also consolidate Quinbrook’s early transition to grid support infrastructure to safely house more variable and weather dependent renewable power generation capacity. on the British electricity grid.

The recent instability in electricity markets in the UK and US has highlighted how critical flexible capacity and storage is to supporting the energy transition, and Quinbrook believes that will only increase. . Battery storage is set to experience rapid expansion in the coming years, which needs to be carefully optimized, both operationally and financially.

David Scaysbrook, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Quinbrook said: “We believe that the ‘Net Zero’ power systems of tomorrow are rapidly and inexorably evolving into a place where renewable energy assets and storage in all its forms. will be managed and optimized with advanced algorithmic capabilities. The speed and complexity of transactions will quickly exceed the ability of current practices to cope with the scale of the transition underway. We believe that Habitat is truly ahead of the game by designing “cutting edge” methods at the cutting edge of data science, combined with the know-how of powerful markets to maintain a competitive advantage. Habitat is a unique company with an outstanding team and technology platform that we plan to take far beyond battery storage. This is an important strategic decision for Quinbrook and one that will further differentiate our capabilities as a dedicated investor in next generation renewables. ”

Andrew Luers, Co-Founder and CEO of Habitat Energy said: “Habitat Energy was created to bring AI technology to the electricity business. We continue to believe that this combination of expertise in AI and human energy exchange is essential to unlock the full potential of battery storage and to provide the flexibility required by reliable, power-based power systems. renewable energies. We are very proud of what our team has accomplished to date and in particular the contributions we have made to the UK power sector and its transition to net zero. It is with great enthusiasm that we now join forces with Quinbrook, which shares a true commitment to ESG impact and the achievement of net zero emissions targets. We look forward to working with the Quinbrook team as we expand the scope and reach of Habitat Energy’s business and services to our customers and are optimistic about the impact we will have together in this next phase of the project. our business journey.

About Habitat Energy

Habitat Energy (https://www.habitat.energy) is a specialist in battery optimization and exchange services using AI. Habitat’s proprietary software enables real-time trading, forecasting and revenue generation in wholesale and ancillary services markets. Habitat is headquartered in Oxford, UK, with offices in Australia and the US.

About Quinbrook

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners (http://www.quinbrook.com) is a specialist investment manager focused exclusively on renewable energy, storage and grid support infrastructure and operational asset management in the United States. United Kingdom, United Kingdom and Australia. Quinbrook is led and managed by a senior team of energy industry professionals who have collectively invested approximately $ 8.2 billion of equity in energy infrastructure assets since the early 1990s, representing total value enterprise of approximately USD 28.7 billion or 19.5 GW of power supply capacity. . Quinbrook has made a diverse range of direct investments in large-scale and distributed onshore wind and solar power, battery storage, peak standby capacity, biomass, fugitive methane recovery, hydropower and flexible energy management solutions in the US, UK and Australia.


1 LCP Enact based on physical shipment and excluding intraday trade. Habitat’s best performing asset ranked # 1 in “Earned Revenue Per MW” in the 12 months to September 2021.


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