Study to acquire skills, while advancing your career

Learn the right skills and get a head start in your chosen field with a work-study program at Temasek Polytechnic.

In an ever-changing job market, getting the right job requires more than outstanding grades or even a great work record. The fact is, there is a troubling skills mismatch between job seekers and vacancies, according to the Ministry of Manpower’s Vacancy Report released last year.

For jobs in the Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMET) category, the report found that employers cite a lack of relevant skills and experience, especially in positions that require specialized technical knowledge. In particular, the healthcare, IT and digital sectors are experiencing a growing demand for skilled workers.

To seize opportunities in these fields, job seekers would do well to follow in the footsteps of Ms. Nur Sarah Binte Ahmed Kamil and Ms. Ho Zi Hui. With the help of SkillsFuture Work-Study Program (WSP) at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), they were able to learn new skills, gain invaluable work experience and start the career of their dreams.


Comprised of work-study certificates and post-graduation programs, the WSP offers full-time graduates of polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education a chance to develop their skills and knowledge while supporting their transition into the marketplace. work.

Participants are matched with a job related to their field of study before completing a structured 12- or 18-month training program, which includes classes, on-the-job training with assigned business mentors, and projects in a working environment. Upon completion of the WSP, participants receive industry-recognized certification and the possibility of salary progression or career advancement.

Designed in collaboration with industries for maximum relevance, the WSP spans many industries, including healthcare, information and communications technology, aerospace, biomedical sciences, game development and retail. detail.


A WSP Specialist degree in Business Analytics seems a natural choice for Ms. Nur Sarah, given her love of learning and keen interest in data analysis.

After graduating with a degree in business process and systems engineering from TP last year, the 21-year-old has continued to conscientiously improve her skills by taking free online courses on analytics, as well as looking for the next steps in his career. She originally wanted to pursue a part-time degree program, but does not have the minimum two years of work experience required by most institutions. After attending a virtual lesson preview at TP, she decided to take WSP last year.

As part of her WSP, Ms. Nur Sarah was attached to Foot Locker Asia as a web analytics specialist. Over the past 10 months of work and school, she has acquired skills that have strengthened her position in the workplace.

“My duties include using Power BI and Google Analytics to analyze weekly trends, gather insights, and create dashboards,” she explained. “I love telling stories with data. It is rewarding to explain the different insights and trends that can be found with different types of data. »

Ms. Nur Sarah learned to use Power BI as part of Business Intelligence Fundamentals, a module taught at TP as part of her WSP. She has also found Social Media Analytics, which focuses on text analysis rather than data, useful in her work.

She said: “The quality of teaching at TP is excellent. My trainers support me when I have doubts and do their best to make sure I understand the topics.

She enjoys interacting and learning from her classmates who come from various industries. “I discovered that everyone has a different way of presenting a solution or solving a problem statement. It’s fun and rewarding to learn from others.

Ms. Nur Sarah, who plans to graduate in October, has no qualms about recommending TP’s WSP to others. “There are many different courses available at TP and a wide range of participating companies. If you want to gain experience in the job market and achieve a higher qualification, the WSP is for you.


Valerie J. Wallis