The unexpected skill that helped Moryfdd Clark’s stunts in Rings of Power

In an interview with Hey U Guys, Morfydd Clark opened up about how intimidating the experience of playing Galadriel and doing the show, in general, was for her. She noted that her own neuroses left her anxious no matter what she was about to do, and her work on “The Rings of Power” was no different in this regard.

She did, however, note that the rock climbing scenes were the ones she particularly enjoyed, as it was the only thing she had done before, and carried a bit of knowledge about it that she didn’t have to learn. on the tray. She concluded that “it was very nice to have at least one thing that I was semi-competent at.”

Despite learning on the job, however, Clark noted that despite doing dangerous things, the set itself was very safe. She applauded the show and the stunt team, noting that she worked a lot with them even before shooting a scene. The crew didn’t disappear during filming either; Clark explained that for any scene, “there are five people around you at all times to, you know, grab you.”

This was also true for the climbing scene, which Clark said was made more complicated by the heavy armor. There was, however, a stuntman pulling her from the top, relieving some of the pressure of climbing. Additionally, Clark said two stuntmen at the bottom of the cliff were climbing without any additional help.

Valerie J. Wallis