Top 10 Most Unique Weapon Skills

Elden Ring has a wide variety of weapons, each with their own unique skills and uses. Here are ten that players should try on their next adventure in the Lands Between.

Building your character in Elden Ring can completely change your entire experience in the Lands Between. Some players choose to use sorcery and incantations to create a powerful Frost Mage who can freeze even Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

Others will choose to use the ashes of war to boost weapons like the Great Stars into a one-hit invincible build.

But with so much variety, it can be easy to miss some of the more unique and mysterious weapon skills that Elden Ring has to offer.

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10 Powerful Weapon Skills To Improve Your Build In Elden Ring

These are the ten weapon skills you must try at least once on your journey to becoming an Elden Lord. They may even end up changing your entire build!

Swamp Executioner’s Sword

The Swamp Executioner’s Sword is often overlooked despite being a literal flying sword that pierces through your enemies. To be fair, to get it you have to go to one of the more elusive areas of Elden Ring, The Shaded Castle.

His unique weapon skill, the Dancing Blade of Eochaid, will enchant the sword and propel it towards enemies as it spins vigorously. This makes it a sword that has great stats as a melee weapon, but also has the ability to attack quickly from a distance.

If you’re still looking for a decent secondary weapon or want to try out a new primary weapon, Marais Executioner’s Sword won’t disappoint.

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Ruin Greatsword

Although the Ruins Greatsword is one of the legendary armaments, it is still very overlooked as it is a greatsword that requires a fair amount of strength to wield.

Obtaining can be a bit tricky as you have to return to a Legacy Dungeon after you’ve already completed it. With so much to do in Elden Ring, returning to a dungeon isn’t too high on anyone’s list.

But the swordfish from the ruins is worth it. His unique weapon skill, Wave of Destruction, unleashes a wave of gravitational force. So while this is a strength weapon, it can be fun for any New Game Plus player looking to try out an STR/INT build.

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ringed finger

Yes, there is a giant Ringed Finger that players can use in Elden Ring to ward off enemies. The Ringed Finger is one of the most unique weapon models in Lands Between.

To get it you will have to go to Gelmir Hero’s Grave, where you will have to navigate a puzzle-like dungeon. So it’s definitely one of the hardest weapons to get, but the best treasures always have some obstacles.

The Ringed Finger’s unique weapon skill, Claw Flick, will swell before delivering an omnipotent blow to your enemies. It’s hilarious to see in action, but it’s also a viable weapon when you build your gun properly.

And if you have any problems with the tank in Gelmir Hero’s Grave, you can always destroy it.

Flowing Sword of Nox

Any build is automatically amplified when you add a curved sword to the equation. They deal damage quickly and help you maintain enough mobility to dodge incoming attacks. Bloodhound’s Fang is often considered one of the ten best weapons in all of Elden Ring.

But what if you added a liquefying property to the curved sword that allowed it to whip enemies? This is where Nox Flowing Sword and its unique weapon skill comes into play.

Nox Flowing Sword’s unique weapon skill, Flowing Form, temporarily turns the sword into a whip. This increases its range and speed. Perfect for any player looking to improve their dexterity.

Not sure if you want to go for a Dexterity build? Check out our guide to the best DEX weapons in Elden Ring to help you decide which way to go!

Sword of Milos

The Sword of Milos has a unique weapon skill that can take a faith build like the Soul Paladin to new heights.

The unique weapon skill, Cry of Milos, will reduce any damage negation and status resistance from nearby enemies. This is a tactic that players can use in PvP to help against players using some of the more PVP meta builds currently in Elden Ring.

The Sword of Milos also has a passive effect that gives players focus points back for each enemy defeated. It’s great when battling monsters or entering one of the many dungeons that Elden Ring has to offer.

For a full walkthrough on how to get the Sword of Milos, check out our guide here!

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Silurian tree

Not only does Sluria’s Tree deserve to be on the cover of Elden Bling, but it also gives players a variety of uses.

As a large spear, the Silurian Shaft already has a long reach and can be used to easily impale your enemies. But when paired with her unique weapon skill, Siluria’s Woe, players can charge up a mini tornado and launch it towards enemies.

This attack can knock enemies back and send them flying. To get it, you will need to go to the secret location, Deeproot Depths.

One-eyed shield

It may be surprising to see a shield here, but that’s because the one-eyed shield has a unique weapon skill that can absolutely decimate enemies.

The One-eyed Shield’s unique weapon skill, Flame Spit, launches a ball of fire that explodes on impact. It turns the player into a real walking pirate ship.

But where the One-Eyed Shield really shines is when you lean into its One-Shot capabilities. Players will be shocked when they see their life bar completely depleted after a direct hit from One-Eyed Shield’s Flame Spit.

It’s also one of the most fun builds to play with.

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Elden Ring One-Eyed Shield
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Crain Vessel Candle Holder

The Crain Vessel candlestick is a literal candlestick of death. It is made from the skull of Birac, a devoted prophet of the Flame of the Giants.

It may look like a simple candlestick, but its unique weapon skill, Surge of Faith, will rain fireballs down from the sky and damage anyone who tries to get near you.

Players will be able to find it in Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave after clearing the obstacles in the grave.

It’s one of the most unique weapons in Elden Ring, and definitely, a player should have it in their inventory.

But if you’re looking for a different kind of Faith Build, here are some FAI weapons you need to add to your inventory ASAP.

Veteran Prosthesis

The veteran’s prosthesis actually has a great story. Commander Niall, the knight you must defeat to gain access to the Haligtree, has dropped his lightning-infused prosthetic to free the knights from being held as prisoners. These knights joined him as an army without a nation.

This veteran prosthesis functions as a handgun with a unique weapon skill that causes the power of storms.

The unique weapon skill, Storm Kick, will create a storm which can be followed by a lightning infused slam attack.

And those are all the unique weapon skills you absolutely have to try at least once in Elden Ring.

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